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Print-on-Demand Embroidered Hats
Founding an online clothing brand is a responsible task even for experienced business people. Fashion trends are changing at lightning speed, so you never know what trends will be popular tomorrow. However, some things are always in demand, and hats are among them. If you're looking for a safe choice to make decent money without essential investments, start selling custom hats to people worldwide based on the print-on-demand model. Why is it profitable, and how to start a business?
PoD Products
How to Start a Yoga Mat Print on Demand Business
In the stressful and fast-paced world that we live today, many people are looking for proven and salutary methods to keep their mental and physical state in healthy condition. Yoga is one of the most ancient body and mind practices in the world, which used to be one of the key points of Indian culture and history. Eventually, the most peaceful art of exercise conquered the entire planet and, virtually, became the most popular kind of exercise with over 300 million devoted yogis worldwide and approximately 36 million in the States.
PoD Products
How to Choose the Best Fabric for Your Clothing Print-on-Demand Project
The production of clothes is one of the popular trends in the POD industry. According to statistics, the global custom T-shirt printing market was valued at over $3.5 billion in 2020. And that's not the end: it is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate up to $7.57 billion by 2028. If you are looking for an affordable way to earn money from scratch, we recommend starting your clothing brand following the POD model. The first step is choosing fabric for clothes because that will affect the quality of your clothing and, consequently, your reputation as a retailer. Do you want to know how to source fabric for a clothing line and why you should take this task seriously?
PoD Products
The Ultimate Guide on How to Make and Sell Stickers
Sticker business has boundless possibilities. This is primarily due to the high demand in the market. According to eRank, in 2021, stickers were among October’s Top 20 popular items on Etsy (after the advent calendar and Halloween decor). You can make stickers to sell on Etsy or other platforms and earn good money without having skills in art and design. So, why is it beneficial, what to start with, and how to make your own stickers to sell?
PoD Products
How to Start a Phone Case Business With Print on Demand
Smartphones become more popular every year: over the past 10 years, global sales have grown from $472 million (in 2011) to more than $1.5 billion (in 2021). It is obvious that the market of protective accessories for smartphones does not stand still too: in 2019, it was estimated at $81.4 billion, and it promises to increase by nearly $71 billion by 2029. In such circumstances, starting a phone case business is quite profitable, including printing to order. In this article, we will look at why it is beneficial and how to start POD in 8 easy steps.
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Why Selling Print on Demand Tote Bags is a Good Idea?
What business ideas have greater chances of hitting it big? Certainly, those that keep abreast of the latest trends in the civilization development and simultaneously tap some inner essence of people. What are these two imperative summands of a successful business project today? [...]
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Comics in Printing Business - Topics, Trends, Ideas to Inspire and Scale Up
The market for original comic art continues to attract the fans' attention, despite an almost year-long break in exhibitions, auctions, and thematic shops. For artists, 2022 has become a time of experimentation, following new trends, and expanding their online presence. The Multi-Programming Solutions editorial office investigated the topic. The mobile and digital approach to comics distribution became iconic in 2022. The number of impulse purchases possible through physical contact with the product dropped sharply, but cost savings and hassle offset it. For example, Kuaikan, the largest mobile comic book app in China, has recently closed a $240 million deal. The website’s audience includes over 340 million users, of which 50 million are monthly active visitors [...]
PoD Products
How to Start Your Clothing Brand with White Label POD Merch
Creating your clothing brand isn't just about showcasing branded content or fresh designs. First, this is the target audience's loyal perception of the products you make. Second, you can run a whole business around niche products without being a manufacturer. There are already white-label clothing dropship companies on the market ready to sell you the rights of mass-produced goods. You have to change them slightly and serve them under your unique line's sauce [...]