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E-commerce Platform
E-commerce Fraud on Shopify: What It Is and How to Protect Yourself
Online sales are constantly increasing their volumes, spreading around the world lightning-fast. In 2021, users made 14% more purchases in online stores than in the previous year. The popularity of e-commerce is easily explained: online sales benefit buyers and business owners. In addition, internet trading offers a wide range of niches and products for marketing and allows entrepreneurs to manage the process of receiving orders, payments, and delivery [...]
Why is It Worth Being a Wholesaler in 2022?
Selling stuff in bulk is one of the great opportunities to get into the e-commerce business in 2022 with a small start-up budget. What is a wholesaler? It can be a single person or a company that vends numerous parties of goods to retailers. Where do the wholesalers get stuff from? They buy it directly from the manufacturer or other merchants. Wholesalers can also be producers themselves.
Marketing & Sales
Selling Your Print on Demand Products at Burning Man Festival
Burners will always be burners: they will no longer allow the Burning Man festival 2022 to be canceled this time. Instead, they took matters into their own hands by ongoing a long tradition of meeting in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. As a result, the seven days long celebration of art and creativity is soon, which means that the print on demand industry today is in its true heyday. And here's why. The fest is characterized as awe-instilling and expressing ways that raise the mind and spirit, solve social issues, and stimulate a culture perception, commune, and civilian attracting.
Become a Gold Digger in the World of Dropshipping: a Guide to Best Sales Practices on Shopify
Among the long-lived e-commerce industry, daredevils always prefer high prices for their products and do not accept bargain sales. Interestingly, the demand for them is only growing, as well as the brand's popularity. So what is the secret of the marketing strategy of these entrepreneurs? This is what we will try to figure out in this article. More than 77% of shoppers abandon the shopping cart when shopping online.
Why Is It not too Late to Start Your Own Print on Demand Business in 2022?
Have you been thinking about starting a path in e-commerce and succeeding for a long time but are tormented by doubts? Let’s guess, the main questions “will I be able to choose a popular sales segment”, “is print on demand worth it in 2022”, and “can I interest a buyer” prevent you from starting to earn money. Throw away unnecessary anguish and fill yourself with confidence: it is a wonderful time to launch a unique online deal. And the print on demand sector will allow a beginner to start up with minimal risks [...]
Automated Dropshipping: Let it Work While You Sleep
Imagine it's early morning; you've just opened your eyes and decided to monitor your notices. So, while you were sleeping, your store could process ten orders, and you have nothing to do but collect your income. In this article, we will talk about how to automate your business so that all the routine work is done for you [...]